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Our Care Services

Home (Domiciliary) care

Our homecare service provides support workers to deliver care to both adults and children 12 years and above in their own homes. We are dedicated to helping our clients to lead independent and dignified lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their homes. Our philosophy is to provide high quality service that is affordable for everyone with compassion as our core value.

We offer hourly, daily or weekly service 365 days per year to the young, elderly, disabled, people with mental health issues, physical health problems, and people who have just been discharged from hospital who need support with activities of daily living. Anyone who needs help with routine daily tasks in order to stay at home is also eligible for our services.

Live-in care and 24-hour care

Live-in Care enables anyone with care needs to continue living in their own home with a round-the-clock care worker. Whether you just need some companionship or you have some specific health issues that mean you require extra support, live-in care provides a realistic and affordable alternative to moving into a care home, including; full time live-in care, 24 Hour Care and Home Care Services.

By living in your home, our care workers can help you to live independently. We provide home care services to disabled undergraduates studying at university as well as to older people who prefer to stay independent and living in their own homes for as long as possible.

Choosing care for a loved one is not an easy decision, as every family situation is different. To make an informed choice you need to know your options and the difference between the home care services available.

The benefits of live-in care include:

  • Comparable costs to care homes
  • Living within your own home with your own care worker
  • One to one care so you have greater flexibility and personalisation
  • Continue your chosen lifestyle

All our care staff are employees and are fully trained and DBS checked throughout their employment.

Package: Live-in and 24-hour care

Our Live-in care package allows our clients to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with an incomparable level of one to one support. Embracing personal care, housekeeping and companionship it is a direct alternative to residential care that empowers you to retain control and independence.

The intensive support and care we provide enables our clients to remain in the comfort of their homes. You receive completely tailored, one-to-one attention day and night from your carer, who lives with you. Your live-in carer works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes, from the personalised care plan that is put together by the assessor with your input. Your care is arranged on your terms and is designed to meet existing preferences for meals and eating times, naps and hobbies as well as established medication and care routines. And as your needs change, our one-to-one care has the flexibility to evolve with you.

We ensure that we find the right person to support you. Great care is taken in providing you with the most appropriate carer to meet your requirements.

Why choose live-in care from Evergreen Care Provider?

  • It’s fully flexible, so you can use it for as long or as short a period as you wish. We just ask that you give us four weeks’ notice if you wish to stop.
  • It’s useful to give you some respite time, if you care for a loved one and need a break, including going on a short break or holiday.
  • It provides the peace of mind of always knowing there is someone to call on – ensuring safety and security.
  • It’s a real alternative to moving into a care or residential home. It’s often cheaper, and avoids the disruption of moving and selling a property.

We take full responsibility of employing your live-in carer on your behalf. We recruit them, do all their employment checks, we pay them, organise cover if they’re ill, train them and insure them. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of having a live-in carer look after you in the comfort of your own home.

Live-in and 24-hour Care services

Evergreen Care Provider solely delivers care services to a large and growing number of self-funding clients and clients that are eligible for public funds. The services we provide are for private and public sector clients which include:

  • Companionship – This service includes supporting with hobbies and interests, scheduling appointments and social activities and encouraging contact with friends and family.
  • Personal care – Your carer will assist with dressing, undressing, washing and bathing, grooming and continence care.
  • Respite / short term care
  • Palliative care

Live-in and 24-hour Care assistance

Many people we support have high levels of dependency requiring co-ordination with our colleagues in health and social care.

  • Washing & Dressing
  • Help round the house – We can help with general everyday cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, changing beds and doing laundry.
  • Help with going to the toilet / managing continence
  • Assisting with the management of medication
  • Preparing and cooking meals – We’ll shop for groceries, plan nutritious meals and help with meal preparation – even support your loved one with eating.
  • Housekeeping and home management – This can include helping to prepare the home ready for guests, running errands and managing bill payments.
  • Lifestyle support – We can accompany your loved one to medical appointments, on social visits or simply go for a walk with them.
  • Laundry and hovering, general tidying and cleaning
  • Shopping going out / attending appointments
  • Studying & mobility

Companion care and Socialisation services

This service is based on creation of a positive therapeutic alliance between our carer with the client. The focus of the service is to help our clients to re-engage in life in order to improve their quality of life and eliminate isolation. We select our support workers based on experience, qualifications and interest in an effort to provide our clients with right person to meet their needs, so you’ll find it easy to get along and become friends.

Our carers undertake various tasks depending on the needs of the client. They include:

  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Walking and exercise
  • Light housekeeping and organisation
  • Respite care
  • Reminders of medication and events
  • And many more personalised services
  • Assisting with shopping, accessing the community paying bills and pension collection

Personal care

Unforeseen circumstances can make the activities of daily living challenging. Evergreen Care provides personal care services allowing our clients to maintain their lifestyle in the comfort and familiarity of their home. At Evergreen Care Provider we believe that life at home is the key to independence. By providing in home care our support workers support our clients in maintaining their freedom.

Below are some of the personal care services we offer, which can be customised to meet your needs.

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Dressing
  • Incontinence and bathroom
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Respite care and many more

Meal preparation

Your delegated carer(s) will be able to prepare your meal to your satisfaction and manage your food bank/stocks effectively to prevent food wastage.

Light housekeeping

This will include carrying out your daily domestic needs like vacuuming, washing, drying and ironing of your clothing and linens. Dusting, changing bed spreads and any other domestics mentioned during your initial assessment.

Long-term chronic care

The aim of our chronic care package is to prevent acute exacerbations leading to hospitalization. We focus on keeping the patient well and medically stable. We offer support to clients with diseases like diabetes and obstructive pulmonary disease and other conditions. We also provide in home care for individuals in need of care 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

End of life care

Evergreen Care Provider has provided specialist end of life care and palliative care to many service users and those with terminal illnesses. We recognise that it is important to people that they are able to choose to die at home in comfortable surroundings and we are committed to providing services that offer this choice, sensitively and responsively at times of need.

Our End of Life Care strategy promises to:

  • Work in partnership with other agencies to provide joined up services and minimise the intrusion into the service user’s life.
  • Respond quickly to requests for end of life care services and adjust the service as requested as the service user’s needs change.
  • Involve the service user and their family in the assessment and planning for the end of life care service. Ensuring they are able to make choices and decisions about the care they receive and to express their wishes about how they would like their body and possessions to be handled after their death.
  • Seek advice and opinions from palliative care professionals as required during the assessment process and throughout the care service.
  • Support service users, families and carers to access information about death and dying.
  • Ensure service users have a dignified death.
  • Train staff to support service users respectfully and to meet their needs for dignify, privacy and comfort.

Respite care

Caring for a loved one can be mentally and physically draining. In fact, if you don’t take a break occasionally, it may lead to a deterioration in the relationship. Our customers who decide to take some time off tell us that they return to their caring role fresher and with renewed enthusiasm. The time away can often strengthen their relationship with the person they care for.

We can take on the responsibility of care from you for as long as you need, ensuring that the transition for you and your loved one is as seamless as possible.

Our respite services include:

  • Respite at home:

    We can help you while you provide care, supporting with housekeeping tasks, such as dusting, laundry, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and cooking. Alternatively, we can look after your loved one and organise an activity with them, or even just a relaxing pampering session, while you and your family have a break or go out.

  • Days out:

    Enjoy a precious day out with your loved one while we take the pressure off you. Whether you have a family event that you’d like to go to, or if you simply want to get out of the house and do something different, we’ll help your loved one to get ready, arrange transport and ensure all their needs are met during the day.

  • Sitter service and companionship:

    If you need to go out during the day, or in the evening, we’ll step in to take care of your loved one.

  • Emergency respite/rapid response:

    If you need respite support urgently, we’ll meet your needs in the tightest of timeframes. Simply call our friendly team now on 01274 975939

  • Holiday respite:

    It can feel impossible to take a holiday away from the loved one you care for, but we can help you to make it a reality by giving you the peace of mind and practical help you need to be able to make the trip. While you’re away, we’d be very happy to give your loved one a break too, with any of our Support Bundles.

From hospital to home support

Any spell in hospital can leave your loved one feeling vulnerable and the rest of the family anxious about coping.

We can take care of everything and provide care at this critical moment. We’re here to provide as much as you need, for as long as you need it, whether you’re looking for an hour or two of help a day, or 24-hour live-in care.

How we can help

  • Coming to meet your loved one in the hospital before their discharge
  • Attending the discharge meeting to take notes and be sure about their home care needs
  • Asking the discharge nurse questions to clarify any issues
  • We can collect your loved one and take them home
  • Having Personal carer(s) ready at their house to make arrival and transition back home as smooth as possible
  • Consultation with the Registered Nurse to ensure we are providing you with the best home care
  • Assistance with personal care, including washing, bathing, dressing, grooming, continence care, and getting in and out of bed
  • We’ll help with housekeeping, including laundry and dusting, shopping for food and preparing nutritious meals
  • Light housework
  • Help with post-operative exercises
  • Running errands and getting groceries
  • Overnight care
  • We’ll work with suppliers to install any necessary mobility equipment
  • We’ll provide health and wellbeing support, including collecting prescriptions, help with taking prescribed medication, and attending healthcare appointments
  • Companionship – it is normal to feel low after an operation or a fall, so our carers can be a useful distraction, supporting with hobbies and interests, trips out, or just enjoying conversation

Errands / shopping

We understand this is part of daily/weekly living. Your delegated carer will be flexible to run errands or make your general shopping. This arrangement will be confirmed during your initial assessment.

Medication reminders

Taking your medication is as important as the quality care we provide you. Either you take the medication yourself or you need your carer to help you administer it, your delegated carer will be up to the task. Our care staff are trained on Management of Medicines by professionals with many years of experience on their field. If required, we will work with your prescribing professional and your local pharmacist(s) to ensure that you have enough medication in storage and update you on any mandatory changes.

Post hospital care

We can take care of everything and provide care at this critical moment. We are here to provide as much as you need, for as long as you need it, whether you’re looking for an hour or two of help a day, or 24-hour live-in care.

How we care help:

  • Your personal care becomes our priority, including washing, bathing, dressing, grooming, continence care, getting up and putting to bed.
  • Help with post-operative exercises
  • We will help with housekeeping, including laundry and dusting, shopping for food, preparing nutritious and healthy meals
  • We’ll provide health and wellbeing support, including collecting prescriptions, help with taking prescribed medication, and attending healthcare appointments
  • Overnight care
  • Companionship: it is normal to feel low after an operation or a fall, so our carers can be a useful distraction, supporting with hobbies and interests, trips out, or just enjoying conversation
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